Hiking for Hearts
    July 6 and 7
July 6th, 2012  Day 1: La Plata
The Buena Vista area was getting a lot of rain so we were worried how the weather would treat us.  The day began clear and a little chilly.
Soon however, the sun came out and the sky was beautiful.  It warmed up enough to make it comfortable without worry.  At one point we took a picture of the sky and after getting home, we noticed how many hearts were in the picture!!
Unfortunately the afternoon thunderstorms decided to roll in and the summit looked a little empty.  We saw some furry friends on our hasty way down, and got a few claps of thunder over our heads. 
July 7th, 2012  Day 2: Huron
Huron started off with quite a bit of cloud cover which made for some good pictures, but also meant we needed to move a little faster to beat the weather. 
It was a bit surreal how the fog rolled in but the photo opportunites were amazing!
The cooler weather meant lots of furry critters to enjoy.  This marmot actually seemed to be yelling at the pika until his curiosity of the humans got the better of him. 
Unfortunately the thunderclouds rolled in and Chris had to make the difficult call to turn around. 
At the time of the check presentation the grand total was at $21,851.  However, because of your generosity and a few last minute donations,  the grand total ended at $22,251!!  This is an all time high for Hiking For Hearts! 
We'd like to personally thank Heidi's Deli of Lone Tree, Select Printing, Lockton Companies, and of course SM Energy for their continued support of this wonderful cause. 

We'd also like to thank Matt Walker Studio, and Jim Chow for their amazing pictures.