Hiking for Hearts 2013
Belford/Oxford on July 12th
Lincoln on July 13th

Day 1:  Belford/Oxford combo using standard route.

We had a great turnout of hikers signed up for today, numbering about 26!  The weather was beautiful and cooperated nicely so that most everyone made the summit. 

There was beautiful scenery, fun friends, and interesting colors all around.
The wildlife was out in force.  From butterflies to bumblebees, and marmots galore!!!
Thanks to everyone who popped the hatches on their SUV's to provide makeshift umbrellas.  Mother Nature decided we needed to be cleaned off after all the sweat it took to get up there!
Day 2: Lincoln using Quartzville logging road.
The day was beautiful and sunny which allowed for a great group picture at the beginning of the morning.

The trail was kid friendly and there were a lot of places to rest, relax, and munch on snacks.
The flora and fauna were fantastic and the photo opportunities were abundant.  Thanks to all of the wonderful hikers who shared their pictures!
Of course we always look for that special heart shaped rock, no matter where we are hiking.  And as you can see from the check presentation, the grand total raised was $17,470!!