Hiking For Hearts 2009
The 2009 hike was a little different.  We wanted to make it more inclusive for other people.  I'm not a climber but we got to thinking about how other people might like to hike too.  We got positive feedback and wishful comments from some other cardiac parents we had made contact with.  Now we had to start thinking about logistics.  There are a lot of events during the summer so we had to pick a time that didn't interfere with those, pick a place that would be accessible by a lot of people, and try to coordinate everything.  Again we began by putting out a flyer. 
We had a wonderful response!  A lot of friends and others wanted to do this and show their support.  The mountain was Mount Evans and it was a one day hike.  Children's Hospital set up a website again to help garner donations along with signing people up for the actual hike.  The Outback Restaurant of Castle Rock was phenomenal and donated enough food to provide a huge BBQ afterwards at the hospital. There were about 25 people in all who did the hike and they, along with separate donors, helped to raise $15,543.58!  Oh my gosh, it was so wonderful to see that!  We could hardly contain our excitement.  That amount of money helped about 550 families!  Those families came here from Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, S. Dakota, Arizona, Idaho, and even Hawaii!  There are some pictures below of the day that were submitted by some of the hikers, including our friend Matt Walker - photographer extraordinaire!!
The check presentation later on at Children's!!