July 8th, 2011: Mount Sherman

We had a GREAT turnout this first day!  37 people made it to the start of the trail.  We started about 7:45am and spread out fairly quickly.  The mines and old tracks were amazing and made for some wonderful pictures.  Once we got past that we had to traverse a small snow field to get to the ridge.  The wind was blowing pretty much the whole time and was stronger towards the top.  We had to cross a somewhat narrow, rocky field to get to the summit but once there, the view was worth it.  There was a nice snowfield on top too!  Coming down, most of the group opted to save some time and their knees by glissading down that snow field.  It was a blast!  Once we were back at the bottom, we were met by a feast from Heidi's Deli of Lone Tree brought up by Children's very own Jacqueline Lindley.  Great food and great company.  This hike was even the first 14'er summitted by several people!  Mount Sherman has an elevation of 14,036 feet.  The trailhead starts at 12,000 feet so it was a fast hike with everyone making it back down between 11:00am and 11:30am. 
July 9th, 2011: Mount Elbert

We got started bright and early on day 2.  We had 28 people on this day and again had a few people who counted today as their first 14'er!  We met in the 2 wheel drive parking and then followed up to the 4 wheel drive parking (after making a wrong turn into a campsite - sorry to those people!)  We took a trail through the woods and came up to some beautiful beaver ponds with lodges.  We had to cross the stream and then up further into the woods until we came to a divide in the trail.  Up through the trees and then into a meadow with great views, followed by a trek through some open area, a visit by a marmot, and on up to the top.  Mount Elbert has an elevation of 14,433 feet.  It is the highest 14'er in Colorado and the climb is 9 miles round trip on the standard route.  It is a very beautiful climb though, with lots of scenery and tree cover.  At the end of the day we headed back down to the 2 wheel drive parking area where we were met by the man of the hour himself.....NOAH!  He and his Nana Sue had brought up the Heidi's feast and he was kind enough to hand out bottles of water and chips after everyone had their sandwiches.  At the very end of the day the clouds rolled in and gave us a little shower to cool off.  Not a bad way to end the hike.
And the grand total from 2011 is $19,110!!!!  Thank you so much to everyone for making this a possibility.  We can't do this without your help, dedication, and passion.  So far this year approximately 300 families have already benefited from these donations.  Every little bit helps and the smiles alone are worth every penny...just look at Noah's!  Please let us know how we can improve next year's experience.  Save the dates of July 6th and 7th, 2012 to join us on the peaks of Huron and La Plata.  Email us with suggestions, questions, comments, and stories.  We also have a Facebook page that will be updated periodically and this site will have more information for 2012 starting the beginning of next year.  Again, thank you and we'll see you in 2012!